Monday, March 26, 2012

Bring on the spring (Heart Ball reflection and more)

A small bit on the ball:

So, I'm hoping you've had time to watch the video from the Heart Ball.  What a day, what an experience.  When the local chapter of the American Heart Association first asked me and Brian to participate, we thought it would be just Brian who spoke.  Then the idea evolved into me making the special appeal (request for $) to the audience.  I have to say, I make a living raising funds for a good cause (yay SLLIS!), but this particular ask was much different. And of course, who can say no when you bring a cute baby (the "heartbreaker" if you will :)  ) on stage?  Happily, not many.  Our appeal brought in over 300% more than 2011's ball!!!!!  That is a good chunk of money for a great cause and if sharing my story publicly means more funds for heart disease research and awareness..well, you might not hear the end from me. 

The slightly more surprising (though it really shouldn't have been) part for me, though, was the amount of love and support I received from my close friends and family.  A dear friend sat with me to take notes and help arrange my thoughts as I crafted my speech.  My parents sat in the hotel room with me and entertained Cam as I tried to calm my nerves (rather unsuccessfully - I get the WORST stage fright).  More friends and family came to sit with Brian in the ballroom.  With all of these people in my life sending all this love my family's way, all of the nervousness just melted away.

I had only imagined that evening as far as giving my speech and getting Cam to bed.  It did not occur to me how many of the guests would want to chat with me or share their own experience of heart disease.  Moms and dads and siblings and grandparents with heart disease and heart stories- all in one room.  Hearing their stories and having them thank me for sharing mine makes me feel like if we ALL keep talking about heart health, that maybe one day, someone will find a cause/cure for SCAD.  One day.

My stress test and ultrasound is tomorrow afternoon.  The last one I had was 2 months after my heart attack and not too much had improved in that time.  I'm hoping that, having completed cardiac rehab, taking my meds and continuing regular exercise, that there will be a difference.  I do worry about that damaged part causing me trouble at some point but I guess only time will tell.

On a lighter, happier and more exciting note, Cameron turns one next week.  My not-so-little-baby/toddler-boy is going to be ONE.  I can't believe it.  Where did the year go? What were Brian and I like before Cameron came into our lives?  Last night, the three of us enjoyed our dinner on the patio and when Cameron was finished (when he starts throwing his food to Mowgli), we let him crawl around.  He pulled up on the back door, cruised along the siding and grabbed ahold of my chair. He then fastened his hands on the table and alternated between his tippy toes and letting his legs swing slightly as he dangled from the table. To Mowgli's dismay, he made a game of chasing the dog under the table and to the edge of the deck.  When it was time to come in, my little boy had dirt under his nails and a few little scrapes on his knees - maybe a small glimpse of the not too distant future?

I can't wait to blog about the birthday boy next week.... and Heartiversary the week after!  If it's not already on your calendar, my Heartiversary Happy Hour is Friday, April 13th at 3500 Winehaus.  A suggested donation of $25 will get you food and wine samples.  The restaurant is also donating back a portion of the wine by the glass/bottle sales that evening and my friend Kerry who made our wedding cake is making a heartiversary cake!  We'll be there from 5:30-8:30pm and proceeds from the evening will benefit the local Go Red for Women movement and SCAD research.  Please consider dropping by, even for a quick visit - I have received such wonderful messages from friends and acquaintances near and far and would love to share this milestone with you.  I know it's opening day for the cardinals - keep your red on, come after the game and recharge before you go out!!

"In the end, what affects your life most deeply are the things too simple to talk about."
-Nell Blane

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