Monday, August 5, 2013


Admittedly, I am a terribly lazy summer writer. I love summer because it’s bursting with opportunity to make the best memories (or perhaps, my favorite memories are constantly made in the warm months) and there’s so much to do and see and discover. I find myself starting all these blog posts for reBIRTH and never making time to finish them properly. And so they languish, lonely and unfinished, while I’m out…. living. As with all good things, the feeling of summer begins to end (Ugh, with one word – AUGUST) and even though it could stay warm through October, this feeling of the end begins to take root. So I find myself here, settling into August and everything to come – and writing again after completely lovely summer break. I hope you'll continue along with me into the fall - I have a whole stockpile of stories to finish and share!

My little family just returned from our first “big” vacation together.  We’ve made little weekend trips here and there, but happily, this trip put the first stamp in Cam’s new passport. I’ll be honest – I didn’t want to take him.  I figured Cam would enjoy a week at Grandma’s as much as I’d enjoy a child-free week on the beach. But my sensible (and truly wonderful) husband insisted on a family getaway. Cam loved the beach.  Brian loved playing with Cam in the sand & surf.  I loved watching the two of them from my comfy beach chair, book in hand. A good time was had by all.

A view from our room!

Daddy gets sunblock!

Our first night out


After the only rainstorm - total beauty

Mommy gets a footrub or "Mussahge"

During our last morning on the beach, we met a family that was just arriving. The two siblings joined Cameron in the sand, who was busy building and promptly wrecking sand castles. I watched them from my beach chair and realized that Cam had only his parents to play with throughout the week. And THEN, like one of the waves crashing on the shore, I was overtaken with the realization that our day of being a family of three (well, four – poor Mowgli gets left out these days) are numbered. It seems like ages ago that we decided to pursue our foster license and it felt like it would take forever to check all the boxes and leap through the endless hoops. But here we are, at the end of the licensing process and I suppose, at the beginning of the next chapter.

It’s a funny thing to be comfortable/settled/happy where you are and yet know that life’s not done with you yet. And what a sweet feeling it is to think of my little boy as a big brother.

“…. But other times, honestly, the whole idea of being at peace just pisses her off. At peace? Who but the insane would ever be at peace? What person who has enjoyed life could possibly think one is enough?” – Beautiful Ruins

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