Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dissappearance of the gummy grin

My baby boy has a TOOTH.  This little white stub, barely a few millimeters through his gums, makes me feel like my little baby is going to be a little boy sooner rather than later!  Cameron will be seven months next week - how time flies.  He's sitting up on his own and tries to "play" with Mowgli...this involves Cam grabbing fistfulls of Mowgli's fur and yanking while Mowgli tries desperately to get away.  He is always laughing and is generally in a playful and inquisitive mood.  A dear friend of mine came over one evening to keep us company while Brian was traveling and while playing with Cameron, tipped him backward.  Now, Cameron's favorite "while-on-your-lap" game is flinging himself backwards and dangling upside down with his mouth open.  I think this is a sign of his adventurous nature (like his daddy).

Sunday mornings are my favorite family time.  After giving Cameron his wake up bottle, we always let him snuggle between us.  Inevitably, Mowgli will jump in too and make his home in a spot where Cam can't grab him and he can see the sunlight trickle through the blinds.  Cameron is quite the chatterbox in the morning - he coos and squeaks and caws as we let him stare at the spinning ceiling fan or gaze at his reflection in the mirrored closet door.  Usually, and MUCH to my delight, Brian is the first to get up- probably because he only has a small wedge of bed left but also to put coffee on and make a big breakfast.  Best. morning. ever.

Here's a few picture of my big boy!

Enjoying his twin cousins' birthday party!

First trip to the pumpkin patch!!

On our bike ride

 A great day at the park!

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