Monday, August 15, 2011

Four Months & Fabulous!

Well, summer is just FLYING by and my sweet boy has gone from being a wide eyed newborn to a squirmy, drooly, babbling infant.  Cameron hit the four month mark earlier this month.  He's in the 75th percentile for size - clearly, he does not get that from his parents!  He is starting to notice much of his surroundings - when Mowgli gets in his personal space, he tries to bat him away.  I've caught him watching me put food in my mouth and he tries to grab at toys.  It is so interesting to watch him thinking and putting the steps together necessary to grasp a toy or push a button. 

Here we are at the park this weekend.  Cameron was interested in grabbing leaves and branches as well as watching Mowgli run along the path.  This was a big step from when we took him to a concert under the Arch.  He was more interested in the street lamp than the fireworks!

Brian found a jogging stroller on eBay.  Cameron is still a bit too little to fit well, so we propped him up with some blankets while we strolled.  No jogging yet.......

Here he is getting some tummy time.  He doesn't appear to be too interested in rolling over yet, but I bet he will sometime soon.

Practicing sitting in the bumbo chair - letting it all hang out!

Morning snuggles are the best!  Cameron is a very happy baby in the morning, especially once he has a full belly.

 This weekend, we started solids.  Cameron is the only D'Souza (and Siebert for that matter) to turn down a meal.   He has yet to get the hang of swallowing rice cereal and rather, enjoys spitting/spraying/throwing the stuff.  I decided to taste it, just to see what he had to endure.  Decidedly not delicious, but if he can figure out how to eat this stuff, up next is fruit and vegetables!  We are going to make Cameron's baby food at home and I'm sure that'll be a whole new adventure.

Last week wound up being my first full one back to work.  I am beginning to really understand the idea of "running in heels" - working at Banana Republic on Black Friday does not hold a candle to being a working momma!  But, Cameron seems to be enjoying his time at daycare and is even making friends.  Daphne, almost one, is constantly monitoring Cameron's whereabouts - clearly she has a thing for younger men :) He has made "artwork" that hangs on his classroom's wall.  It is VERY adorable and I'm glad that he's getting to experience many different activities.

Though I feel like there is much juggling associated with parenting an infant, I am enjoying every minute, even the hard ones!  Long days at rehab then work don't seem so bad when I have my family to come home to!

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